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Vuyisile Ndlovu
Software Developer Interested in backend development, automation, Python and Django.
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This is my first blog post on and I thought of making it an short introductory post about me. My name is Vuyisile (pronounced Voo-yee-sea-lay), and I'm a software developer from Zimbabwe.

My current tech stack is Python/Django/Linux and I am learning JavaScript in order to delve into Front End development. I enjoy contributing to Open Source. I have worked on globally distributed Open Source projects for the Mozilla and the Oppia Foundations.

I currently work as a back end developer for a software development company that develops software for the health sector. When I'm not coding, I like to write technical articles. I am a contributor to Real Python and this article on working with files using Python is my most popular article on that site.

I enjoy meeting new people in tech and hearing all I can about the problems they are solving and what stack they use. If you're reading this and we haven't met or interacted before, please say hello.

Thanks for reading!

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