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Discussion on: 25 years of coding, and I'm just beginning

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Vladimir Jovanović • Edited on

Same problem: "I am a professional web designer with 20+ years of experience and I simply cannot find the time to finish my own web site. It has to be perfect, because I don't produce sh**, but in order to make it perfect, I have to dedicate 6 months of development and design into it.

I won't come to the levels of wordpress, since only "noobs" use that. Commercial themes are for lazy people and... " and... I stay paralyzed and without a web site.

This is how my brain thinks and now when I write it down, I see how I've indoctrinated myself. Simple truth is - my own work doesn't need to be perfect and on a level of multi million dollar projects. It needs to get the message trough.

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DeChamp Author

Exactly. There is also no “perfect”. We can always improve something so why not just release it and improve it as you go? Hope you have a break through. There is beauty in simplicity as well.