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Discussion on: Next phase of separation of job titles in web development

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Vladimir Jovanović Author • Edited on

I agree, but with this sentence where you can't imagine doing just one thing is where time will run you over. It was the same with me: I have started as a web designer and back then, at the beginning of first decade of 2000., web designers needed to know how to design AND to code (html, css, js, and in some cases even php, mysql...).

Because job became more complex, it was broken down in several large areas we had until last year - UX, UI design, and front-end. Rarely anyone mentioned php and mysql we had back then, since we have influx of many different technologies for that part of development. It was extremely painful for me that I was unable to apply my design knowledge and front-end programming, because companies were searching just for ONE of those areas.

Today we have to do this separation with front-end for all the reasons I have explained.

For the sake of sanity of all involved ;)

Thank you for your input,
Have a great day!