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Vladimir Carrer
Vladimir Carrer

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Free Figma (Low Fidelity) Hand Drawn Wireframe Kit


Low fidelity wireframes are sketches of the page layout and the basic navigation. The goal of a low fidelity wireframe is to give you a general sense of the hierarchy of information, the placement of major components on the screen, and the general flow of interaction.

Below are a few good examples of wireframes with low fidelity and download this Figma Free UI Wireframe kit with hand drawn style.

Nowadays, more and more designers are moving away from Photoshop to utilize other software. When you want to make a prototype, you can simply edit the content right inside Figma and collaborate easily with your peers. Also, if you want to go further than the prototype, you could build a fully- featured app with web components and a backend.

Figma Low Fidelity Wireframe Kit

Figma Low Fidelity Wireframe Kit

Free Figma Hand Drawn Wireframing Kit

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