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Things to consider before creating a new programming language

Vladimir Gordeev 🇷🇺
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If you are thinking about creating a new programming language, consider the following:

  • Code in this language is going to be ugly. People gonna abuse all wonderful features in a way you could never imagine.
  • People would have to work with lots of old, incomprehensible code that breaks all the time. Meanwhile the author of the code would already run away for easy money in blockchain startups.
  • People wouldn't have any time to do the refactoring. If the code is inconvenient to test -- it won't be tested at all.

If you consider all of these things and still decide to create a new PL, you may make a real breakthrough.

Unlike those pesky languages with monoids in the category of endofunctors.

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Don't expect others to use it by choice.

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Vladimir Gordeev 🇷🇺 Author

Fair point. In order to get adoption PL should solve problem that other languages failed to solve. This way people gonna chose it.