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Vladimir Ignatev
Vladimir Ignatev

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Become better Python coder in no time

Type into your Python REPL import this.

Yes, you got it. It is an Easter Egg of the PEP-0020 - The Zen Of Python.

Read it carefully and think about The Zen Of Python every time you write Python programs. And let the Superpower grow within you!

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About Python's PEPs

Actually, I started using Python since version 2.6. That time I had so many newbie questions and so many misunderstandings... I won them by reading PEPs.

Every PEP is a specification that defines and explains Python language feature. It is a standard for implementing Python interpreters and a handy cookbook for Python learners.

Hope it helps a lot, people.

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Mats Wichmann

I guess I'm going to mildly disagree.A PEP captures the discussion of a feature up until it is accepted into a Python release, and then it freezes and becomes a historical document. It will teach you a lot about the considerations that led to a feature, and what it aims to solve, but the canonical description is always the official language reference and library reference. Further, PEPs often make poor reading for learners and it's often a considerable challenge for the devs to translate the highly technical details to something more accessible in the official docs. And it will not follow further developments in their topic area (though those may have their own PEPs).