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Simple truths: Sustainable pace

Vlad Dubrovskis
Software developer focusing on helping software teams achieve great things together.
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Feel like now we are in the first week of the year and the reality may be settling in after the holiday season - and maybe you like myself find yourself a little down.

You may also be a little disappointed with yourself - as you had great plans for this year and yet somehow managed to start failing in some of the goals you have set yourself.

One of the crucial pieces of advice I would give to anyone is - whatever you do, always think about how sustainable is the pace at which you are moving. This applies not only individuals - but to software teams too.

It is better to work out a pace that will last - rather than go all out and burn out after a few weeks or months.

And by all means - do dream big - just start with smaller, achievable, realistic steps.

Do you want to learn new language? Why not start by watching some video tutorials?

You want to write more blog posts? Start with writing one a month. Or just writing a paragraph every few days.

And most importantly - for anyone who needs to read/hear this: you can achieve your goals if you stick at it. I believe in you! :)

P.S. This was meant to be a very short piece of writing, no longer than 2 paragraphs wrong - but I got a little carried away :)

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