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Discussion on: The's Opinion about Unit-Tests

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Vlad Dubrovskis

A very nice summary indeed and as this topic really interests me - here are my 2 cents.

From my personal experience TDD is just a tool that helps you write your code in small bite sized chunks. This tool is amazing when you try and work out some complex piece of business logic.

That said just having the unit tests is not enough and a brilliant talk that I have seen around TDD is "Ian Cooper: TDD, where did it all go wrong"

There he argues the idea that once your unit tests are written and green there are not safe from refactoring too, and that sometimes deleting the tests is a right thing to do, or refactoring those into a higher level test.

In modern day development especially if you do any sort of serverless development - you can have the best unit tests out there but they will unlikely to catch most of the issues you will experience: for example not giving right permissions to your function - something that is impossible to test on a unit level.

I personally also have not totally nailed it down and keep on getting challenged with how to best apply TDD as the more I work in the field - the more I lean to higher level tests - especially integration.