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Visakh Vijayan
Visakh Vijayan

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why do I still use cakephp

I have been working with cakephp for over an year now and I love working with it. Here are some of the best things I find about it.

  1. Convention: although it's not mandatory to use it, I can't find a reason not to use it. Things that looked so stupid a year ago is a must have in every framework I am introduced to these days. It makes your life so easy.

  2. Simple setup: I have setup dynamic websites with admin panels in a night using this baby. All thanks to it's crud scaffolding and templates.

  3. Routing: even though this is used by many, it feels so good that you get friendly URLs everytime.

  4. Power of PHP: PHP is a very powerful language. Sure there are lots of new ones in the market, but to have such a big community and speedy results to any queries on Google is a God sent. P.S. am not against JS frameworks. I just don't feel the need to use it yet.

  5. Debugging: oh the log files always save you.

  6. ORM: another awesome way to help you while running multiple queries at once.

  7. Plugins: lots of wonderful snippets. Even some of the biggest companies provide cakephp sdks of their products.

I am yet to feel the power of PHP 7 which boasts of being atleast 2x faster than the older version. Fingers crossed.

Please correct me if I am wrong

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Hi Visakh, thank you for writing this. I haved used Cake PHP in the past and completely love it.
Just wanted to ask why you are not using php 7.X? PHP 5.x has reached end of life and it is a very good idea to upgrade to 7.x

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Visakh Vijayan

Workplace restrictions. Totally agree