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Nice article. Am just starting up as a freelancer and wanted to know

  1. How do you make a contract for an incremental project. The requirements keep changing daily.

  2. How do you include that once the project work is done, there will be a monthly/yearly cost to keep the site up.


I'm no seasoned expert, but I would like to add my thoughts here in case they help.

  1. I usually will write the contract so that it explains what kind of work is covered, and how many hours of said work type are included in the cost. For example, "$60/hr for the first 30 hours of work including content creation, editing, layout design (etc)". Then I will add another rate for other type of work or work beyond the first breakpoint (in this case, photo manipulation or layout modifications, after the first 30 hours have been met).

  2. My husband and I designate 2 types of contracts: Project (the initial build or overhaul of a site) and Operations (website maintenance and upkeep). The second type is what we use for the annual costs of running the site, if the client has chosen to let us manage it on their behalf. Most of our clients, however, have prefered to maintain control over the site, so we don't get many Operations contracts. When we do, I typically set the cost to cover all overhead, plus about 8hrs of work per month if needed, and a higher hourly rate if the 8 hrs is exceeded.

Hope that helps, @vjnvisakh .

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