How I made my CV, based on Age of Empires game

Miquel Camps on July 31, 2020

Hi there! My name is Miquel Camps, I'm a freelance web developer based in Spain, you can find me on twitter and linkedin. I think I'm not the bes... [Read Full]
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This is so awesome! I had a similar idea of using Phaser to create a pixel art RPG, where you would talk to villagers to read my CV. But it was more work than I thought so I ended up just using reveal.js to create my CV :)


thank Kimmo! your idea sounds really good too, BTW i'm not sure if this kind of CV can help if you are not a game developer, in my case i'm not but it was a challange and fun weekend project.

this the first time I hear about Phaser and reveal.js i will take a look at them, thanks for sharing


As a former player of Age of Empires, this is amazing dude. Hahaha. Good job on this. The nostalgia is bubbling up.


thanks Traek! nice to hear that :)


That's great work. But I want to be a monk. They are funnier.

It's Age of Kings, by the way, or Age of Empires 2. It's not the same. #purist


thanks Matthieu! i added a "wololo" mode check it out :)


This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!


ROFL! Are you following the current scene? If yes, who are your favorite players and streamers? :-)

hey Ankush, i'm currently out of the scene, but some time ago i played in a few clans, nothing profesional just for fun, good memories :)


Thanks Franciszek! it's great to see people arround the world who values the work of others :)


thanks Marcell, i really appreciate it :)


Thanks Norro for your comment! :)


please add a seizure warning to the wololo


Sorry! I made the wololo guy slower i think It was too fast, too furious πŸ˜…


Nice job. I really enjoyed that, is awesome.


Thank you Jose! Happy to hear that :)


Extremely well done. Now "how do you turn this on" if you know what I mean.


Wow, this is creative! πŸ‘ I'm getting incredibly nostalgic now too, lol. Great job on this!


Nicely done! Now I want to play my copy of Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition 😁


Yessss! Thats great to know :) thanks


Man, this is genius on so many levels! I really love how you've tied each section closely to the building type! 🀣🀣🀣


Hi Ankush, I tried my best to do this little detail, thanks for appreciating it :)


This is great! I signed up to dev.to and am following you now!
I love AOE!


thanks everyone for your kind words,
i'm totally surprised of this community good vibes.

keep calm and wololo!


New update! I just added some new modes "wololo" and "how to turn this on", check it out!

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