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OSD600 - Preparing For The Final Release

1. Introduction

In the final release, I decided to work on an external project named Awesome-Adoption which is a web application helping users find pets and adopt around their area.

2. The issue

I am going to add new feature to the app, here are some tasks I need to complete:

  • Coding form and validating user's input
    • Create a modal form for user story which has title, description, location
    • Check that the fields are not empty
    • Have the option to reset fields
    • Post valid story to the table stories using react-supabase
    • Display any errors for the user
    • Use a spinner when posting the data (recommend FetchingButton.jsx in layout)
    • Success should close the modal
    • Be sure to clear the fields after closing the modal
  • Write some tests

3. Planning

To complete the tasks successfully, I am going to spend the next week to finish coding the form and validating user's input since the sub-tasks are interrelated.

Then in the final week, when the form and validation code are done, the tests should be written to make sure that there are no unexpected behaviors.

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