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5 JavaScript Libraries that makes working with JS magical

The Benefits of working with JavaScript are endless. In this post we will look at five amazing JavaScript Libraries which are easy to work with and with an awesome documentation to guide you through the process.

1 Anime.js

Work with particle animation, timings, animate SVG, animate on scroll, and much more amazing stuff that you can do with Anime.js .

Me after looking at codepens made using this library:

Codepens with Anime JS


2 Granin.js

Make animated Gradient Animations using simple JavaScript. Granin.js is very easy to use and simple. There is not much complex animation you can do Granin.js, but it gets the job done with gradients.



The AOS in this Library literally stands for Animate On Scroll. Nothing much, Just animate your element while scrolling by adding a simple class on the element and you are good to go.


4 Mousetrap

Are you looking to add shortcut keys in your web app then this library is the one for you. This Library has made process of invoking functions when the certain key or combination of keys are pressed very simple. I have personally used it in my web app to save the current progress in the app with alt+s. This library worked out great.


5 fullPage.js

Ever been to a website where there is no scroll bar on the right but page still scrolls vertically? Amazing huh? fullPage.js is all about making this effect possible. This JS library is easy to use and comes with multiple examples for you to take your inspiration from.


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