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🤔Emoji Commit Save's Time

For Programmer🧑‍💻 Committing message💬 are most irritating😫 and thinking🤔 for good✨ commit message💬 is like dodo🦤 bird.

Emoji make it look👀 easy and having a quick look👀 over commit message💬 is enough for knowing what kind of changes has been done✔️.

Format for using Commit with emoji's :

Emoji followed by message💬 where message💬 should contain at least two2️⃣ parts explaining what❓ and why⁉️ of code like 😉 Add Emoji Commit, While telling🗣️ how is super🦸 cool like 😎 Add sum(a, b) where a and b are integer and method return addition of a and b in integer type or 🆒 Add sum(int, int)int method sum return addition of two integers.

How to get emoji

If you agree with me

If you👉 agree with me🙂 , then only task✔️ is to choose a emoji for commit . And this more hard🪨 than finding🔎 dinosaur's🦖.

Emoji Commit Guide

Commit Type Emoji's Example
Initial Commit 🎉 :tada: 🎉 Initial Commit
Configure :gear: ⚙️ Config path
Add :soccer::baseball: 🥎:softball: 🏀:softball: 🏐:softball: 🏈:softball: 🏉:rugby_football: 🎾:tennis: 🎳:bowling: 🏏:cricket_game: 🏑:field_hockey: 🥍:lacrosse: 🏓:ping_pong: 🎱:8ball: 🥌:curling_stone::golf: 🎿:ski: 🛶:canoe: ⛸️:ice_skate: 🛷:sled: 🥏:tennis: 🏸:badminton: 🪁:kite: 🥊:boxing_glove: 🏒:ice_hockey: 🛼:roller_skate: 🛹:skateboard: be creative 🎲 Add Random() for generating random float value
Refactor ♻️:recycle: ♻️ Refactor variable x for readability
Update 🆙:up::arrow_double_up: 🔺:small_red_triangle: ⏫ Update reverse() to reverseFirstTen()
Remove 🗑️:wastebasket: 🚮:put_litter_in_its_place: 💢:anger: 🕳️ :hole: 🚮 Remove deprecated methods
Release 🟢:green_circle: 💚:green_heart: 🍏:green_apple: 💚 Release version 7.6.8
Merge 💕:two_hearts: 👬:men_holding_hands: 👭:two_women_holding_hands: 👩‍❤️‍👩:couple_with_heart_woman_woman: 👭 Merge feature/side-panel with feature/footer
Testing :white_check_mark: ☑️:ballot_box_with_check: ✔️:heavy_check_mark: 🧪:test_tube: 🧪 Test TestRandom() covering set of test cases
Docker 🐋:whale2: 🐳:whale: 🐳 Dockerfile FROM alpine
Package 📦 :package: 📦 Include npm module for uuid
Revert 🔙 :back: 🔙 Revert for adding new feature
Bug Fix 🐛:bug: 🐞:beetle: 🛠️:hammer_and_wrench: 🔨:hammer: ⛏️:pick: 🛠️ Fix variable x size overflow
Comment 📚:books: 💬:message: 📝:memo: 📚 Documentation Random function

Its all about our Imagination, while sticking with few Emoji and using same emoji for specific action gives a visual understanding and thanks for reading to the end.

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gitmoji have a good round-up too.