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Aws compute inthirtyseconds :)

EC2 instances- Elastic Compute Cloud, this is essentially a virtual machine

In a typical data center, you use a hypervisor like vmware to create virutal machines on top of a physical server and you have a level of liberty to choose your own configuration like vCPU (virtual CPU) and RAM, in cloud , like AWS, its all pre configured! and there comes the AWS Instance families

Instance families :

  • General Purpose - ATM (a1, t2-t3 families with cpu burst, m5(intel)-m5a (amd) - m6g (graviton)
  • Compute: c5 -intel, c5a -amd, c6g graviton
  • Memory : R5, x1, z1
  • Accelerated Computing -: Gx, Px, INF1, F
  • Storage: Ix, Dx, Hx

    fixed vs burstable:
    Cx,Rx, Mx are fixed, static unit based ec2
    Tx - CPU burstable - governed by CPU Credits. ex t3 nano has 2vpu and 6 cpu units burstable

    Once you spin up server using any of those, it will be in any one of the below states

  • Instance state
  • Pending
  • Running
  • Stopping--> Stopped
  • Shutting-down --> Terminated
  • Started credit aws
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