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Vitali Pomanitski
Vitali Pomanitski

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My Patent Pending AWS Challenge

This is a submission for the The AWS Amplify Fullstack TypeScript Challenge

What I Built

TL;DR Simple mutual (yet) patent pending authentication solution which is cheap and works perfectly well on small and medium websites, yet provides banking level security for the session.

So I got with this idea early in the morning to come up with a service, named, which basically offers an authentication solution at a level above the other most common
login solutions. I felt that the other solutions lack of something fundamental, secure network while there’s a Man In The Middle; lack of fundamental security on public networks in other words.

What happened is that I saw that once someone targets you in attacking over a public network they pretty much have everything to succeed: they can fire up a fake website that looks like the same as the original one and with some IP, DNS or router spoofing your device is got to believe the fake website is the real one.

From then on they would accept your credentials and OTP and just redirect you to the real site until you’re done. Then, they will (trust me) continue in such an unauthorized activity on your behalf, that you’d curse every moment in that coffee shop.

Are you scared? I am…

My solution is a patent pending technology: It uses a shared secret key that you’d receive over the email and it will be used to both sign and validate JWT tokens on both the client and the server. 🤷‍♂️

Is that easy? Yes. But the patent filing was a tedious task. Today as I am working on fine tuning everything and implementing step by step all the small details of my patent I look towards ways to expose my invention to as much possible users and early adopters. 🌸

If you or the one next to you is seeking for a fresh technology to start with in the new website you guys are building, consider

The robustness of the security in Signmeonly is a serious painkiller and will heal your wounds from the scratches you get over time from the other authentication and logging in services.


As I mentioned I applied for a patent with this technology and currently I’m in the patent pending list, the patent will see light in 18 months whereas it will be able to get negative or positive feedback. The application patent number is 18/665,621.

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