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re: After your stuff works again, you do the rebase again and repeat this until there is nothing to fix, and then you make the pull request and let oth...

I think something to consider for all the nay-sayers... The author sounds like he has working experience on teams making branches and on teams without branches. He also claims that having a workflow that doesn't involve branching has aided in communication and healthy coding practices. Most of the people arguing against what he said seem to be in the realm of theory. But he is actually letting you know what his practical work experience has been. There is a difference in theory and actual experience. The author isn't theoretically saying he thinks this works better, he is saying he has literally experienced it working better. Git and branching are tools that you and your team can use as you see fit. If you don't want to use the same tools the way he is suggesting that is fine, but why are people trying so hard to convince him he is wrong? He already knows whether or not his teams workflow improved by making the changes he told you about.

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