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re: Why do you much prefer bit hacking for that sort of thing? Is there a performance benefit or something? For 99.9% of applications the modulus ope...

Yes, from what I understand the performance is better, though I think in the vast majority of cases it wouldn't matter. Here is a fun read about a real life problem solved with bitwise operations (not simple even odd stuff though...). I primarily mentioned it for the reasons I already stated, it is probably the simplest intro to bitwise operations that I know of, which opens the door for learning more about the language for a beginner. Also, if you have a "use a for loop to find all even odd values" interview problem, and you whip out that solution... Just sayin'

As for the real world webdev readability, I never really considered the &1 thing to be less readable than %2. In my case I had to google both the first time I saw them. AND I'll go as far to say, I have a hard time thinking outside of myself. What I mean by that, is I love seeing new stuff in code and learning what it is/does, so it is hard for me to think in terms of that bothering people (perhaps a weakness on my part). But I do understand the value of human readability over being clever (you can always just minify your code to make it smaller afterwards). But to me both the bitwise and modulus are an abstract symbol followed by a number, and you kinda have to learn what they do when you see them, just part of coding (a part that I enjoy).

But for the most part, I just threw it in the comments because it was a post for beginners and I thought that the target audience might enjoy it. Though I'm glad you commented on the immediate readability aspect, that is worth considering.

If you're talking optimization, having the if statement (branching) is the most expensive thing, because it requires the processor to dump and reload its entire register state, and kills off the ability for it to pipeline nicely. Getting rid of the conditional is by far the most optimal solution to this code.

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