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How to Create / Change Android App Icon Easily?

It’s quite easy to create or change app launcher icons for an android app using Android Studio's inbuilt tool called Image Asset Studio. Image Asset Studio lets you generate your own app icon from material icons, custom images and text. The same can be used to change the app launcher icon in flutter as well.

Steps-to-Step Tutorial

  1. Open android app in Android Studio.
  2. In the Project Window, navigate to android -> src -> main -> res.
  3. Create a new Image Asset (Right-click on res folder -> Select New -> Image Asset). Android Studio - Add Image Asset
  4. Configure your image asset from the pop-up.

4.1. select ‘Launcher Icons (Adaptive and Legacy)'.

4.2. Under ‘Source Asset’, set Asset Type as image & provide the path to your image. You can customize the background color from the ‘Background Layer’ tab.
Note: If you don’t like to change background color or zooming, etc. you can keep all other options under Foreground Layer, Background Layer & Legacy tabs unchanged.

4.3. Resize image if required using ‘Resize’ slider.
Configure Image Asset

If you like to add clip-art or text as an icon, just switch the Asset Type to corresponding option. In case of clip-art, a list of clip-art will be provided to select & in case of text, you can add your own text & customize the font-family & color. In such cases, you can switch to the ‘Background Layer’ tab & customize the background color as well.

Configure Clip-art as App Icon

Configure Text as App Icon

5.Click Next & Finish.

Following above steps lets you add your own image / text or a clip-art as an android app icon.

Image & Text as Android App Icon

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