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How To Sell Your Apps on Google Play Store

The primary task after creating an app is to submit it to the Play Store. When you publish your apps on Google Play, you expose them to 1 billion active Android users in more than 190 countries and territories worldwide.

Google Play helps people find your app, brings in money, and grows your company internationally.

We are here to provide you with this useful post, which includes all the necessary information and specifics you require to submit your app to the Play Store. There are some playstore alternative to make money.

The release version of your program, which we will discuss in more detail later in this post, must first be created and signed before it can be released for review, testing, and submission.

Additionally, the generated code and resources for your program are included in the upload format known as an Android App Bundle. This app bundle is used by Google Play to create and provide APKs that are optimized for each device type. For your app to execute successfully, only the code and resources for a particular device are downloaded. Users receive smaller, more efficient downloads as a result of skipping the steps required for creating, signing, and managing several APKs to optimize support for various devices.

Step 1. Open A Developer Account On Google Play Developer Console
Step 2. Link Your Developer Account With Google Wallet Merchant Account
Step 3. Create Your Application
Step 4. Fill App Store Listing Details
Step 5: Create and Upload Your App Release

Steps To Prepare & Launch A Release

Step 1: Create A Release
Step 2: Prepare Your App’s Release
Step 3: Review & Launch Your Release
Step 4: Review Release Details
Step 6. Rate Your App
Step 7. Pricing & Distribution
Step 8. Publish Your App

Things To Do Post App Submission

  1. Promote Your App
  2. Initiate Press-Release
  3. Take Care Of App Maintenance & Update
  4. Use ASO

Checklist Of App Launch

  • Review the Developer Program Policies.

  • Create your developer account, and fill in the details required.

  • Set up your merchant account.

  • Plan for localization (if you want to include localized copies of your app).

  • Plan for releasing your mobile app idea on various platforms and devices. (If you have plans).

  • Consider quality guidelines while testing your app.

  • Target the latest API level.

  • Develop your Android App Bundle.

  • Run the internal tests.

  • Plan your application’s Play store listing.

  • Pre-register your app and set up a custom pre-registering list page to develop your game or app interest.

  • Define your application’s device compatibility.

  • Check your app’s pre-launch reports.

  • Set up your application’s cost and countries of distribution.

  • Choose suitable distribution options.

  • Set up your in-app subscriptions and products.

  • Determine your application’s content rating.

  • Check your app finally and publish.

  • Promote your app.

  • Attend and sort users’ issues and give replies to their queries.
    Voila! you have launched your app.

  • We hope that this post will be useful to you when you launch your app in the Google Play store. You must use an active marketing strategy to draw users to your app after submitting it to the app store.

  • Therefore, success for an app depends on ongoing efforts to stay ahead of the curve. Contact us to find out more about developing and marketing apps. We are a flutter mobile app development company that provides the best app solutions to companies throughout the world.

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