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Addiction: Its been a month on

Vishal Chovatiya
Software Developer⌨, Fitness Freak🏋, Hipster🕴, Blogger👨‍💻, Productivity Hacker⌚, Technical Writer✍️, Tech talker👨‍🎤, Leader👨‍🔬, Always a Student👨‍🎓, Incomplete🔍 & Learning Junkie📚.
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It's like I am getting addicted to this platform.
Seeing notification now & then.

I have learned a lot & connecting with like-minded peeps.

Getting overwhelmed by views & reaction to my articles.

Views & Reactions

It seems people are liking my work. Although I got some criticisms too, but that's the way I can improve I think.

Moreover, is also encouraging by GIF


This is great platform for introvert developers like me.

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