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Grails 2.5.5 to Grails 3.3.10 Postmortem

Here's my postmortem of what I did in an upgrade from Grails 2.5.5 to Grails 3.3.10 I figured this may help someone... The app I was working on was fair-sized about 80,000 lines of Groogy/Grails and 40,000 lines of GSP, not including angular code, which is where the app is moving to. How hard a Grails 2 to 3 upgrade is a function of:
How many bad practices your codebase had * the number of lines of code.


  • Moved a lot of db writes in controllers to services with transactions
  • Using the resource plugin had to upgrade to the Asset Pipeline
  • Layouts, being used as templates
  • Inline plugins that were deprecated, needed to be detangled and removed
  • Moving a lot of code from web-app to src/main/webapp and fixing hardcoded links in js files
  • Repackaged controllers, services, and domain objects from one or no package, into something more manageable.
  • Porting JQgrid for older GSP code because the plugin wasn't ported to Grails 3 *Reworking the special password encoder that uses a hard-coded salt, one from the db, and one passed in from config. Later ditch for Bcrypt
  • Porting a custom constraint to Grails 3
  • Porting log4j to logback
  • Refactoring a Util class that used GrailsDomainClass API to the Persistent API, and several classes that used it, Did changes several times, Was Like a game of wack a mole.
  • Replacing ../ with / in gsp files
  • Replacing a deprecated MD5Codec with encodeAsMD5 Ported AsyncEventPublisher to use Grails events
  • Replacing CommonsMultiPartFile with CommonsMultiPartFile
  • Fixing some static compilation issues
  • Converting Filters to Interceptors
  • Two versions on Angular
  • Old GSPs using Jquery instead of Angular
  • Fixing a class that was using an @Override that wasn't overriding anything...
  • Fixing a bunch of custom validators that broke on upgrade
  • Removing a lot of @Slf4j annotations that were unnecessary, and caused issues with some traits
  • Fixed imports app, unit tests, and integration tests.
  • Grails Mocks needed to be replaced
  • GrailsUnitTestCase needed to be replaced.
  • Validateable annotation had to be replaced with the Validateable trait
  • Removing unused dependency that was causing build errors.
  • Fixing a bunch of queries that were using string interpolation, but were also parameterized
  • Fixed Spring security Roles missing the ROLE_ prefix, several times, all over the app
  • Rolled back some of the Role prefix changes, because the role table was used for security roles, and roles in a different sense.
  • Ported integration tests to use @Integration and @Rollback
  • Added the external config plugin, to maintain the external configuration. And convert the YML, to Groovy config.
  • JWT didn't have a secret key set in Grails 2 but needed it in Grails3
  • Added @Transactional in some places that were missing it...
  • Fixed integration tests, that were doing setup calls outside the setup methods
  • Making integration helper classes that generate data in setup methods @Transactional
  • Adding missing @Mock([
  • Replacing constraints with constrainedProperties
  • Eliminating with{} in Spock tests
  • Removed autowire from Domain classes
  • Added pathingJar = true for windows people
  • Dealt with various Gradle commands not having access to System properties, which are needed for licensing validation.
  • Fought with a test that was failing because of @Memoized Sank a lot of time trying to get the test reports in the right place for the Jenkins jobs to pick them up
  • A method that was annotated with @Transactional(readOnly=true) was doing a delete
  • Fixed bouncy castle Gradle excludes
  • Replaced PEMReader with PEMParser
  • Fixed the way we got metadata for the app version
  • Replaced uses of jdbcTemplacte to fix some integration tests
  • Fix some HQL queries that were using id instead of the domain object
  • Replaced some uses of a custom ApplicationContextHolder with Holders, which solved some issues
  • Removed some deprecated logic dealing with releaseLocalThreadMemory() DomainClassGrailsPlugin.PROPERTY_INSTANCE_MAP.get().clear()
  • Added Try catch to the interceptor and fixed the issue so the logs don't blow up.
  • Moved a cascade from constraints to mapping
  • Found several times that params don't have to be included on redirects and forwards, and if they are they can be duplicated into an array
  • Fixed a GSP that could include properties or not... wrapped with a <g:if tag
  • Updated Quartz jobs to work with new plugin swapping static with def
  • Fixed command objects trait to ignore certain properties like constraintsMap, metaClass, class, constraints
  • Fixed a test that was missing a controller context...
  • Fixed several issues where associated properties of a domain class were not accessible in GSP files, so passed then as part of the model
  • Started to have memory issues with the DB migration, This was cleared up by removing a lot of legacy changes from the changelog, and rebasing to a new "gold" image to start.
  • All DB migration scripts in one folder(updated in the middle of a sprint right before a release) to be by version.
  • Fixed a bunch of URLs, that didn't have the application context *Command Object not binding body of delete, because it's not supposed to have one, used a util method that does the binding for me.
  • Several places used the query parameter format, that didn't work the way it did before. used withFormat in several cases, some that I shouldn't have *Refactored the places that I shouldn't have used withFormat to use command objects, because the params could come in as ajax post, or form post.
  • Found a melody plugin issue between @Transactional and a Property of type class
  • Swapped from failOnError:false to failOnError:true, and making a lot of code changes because of it. Don't do this, this is wrong.
  • Fixed imports in GSP files

Things that held up or slowed down progress, things hopefully you can avoid:

  • Had to continue to merge changes coming from the Grails 2 branch that was actively being developed, and fix things as they broke.
  • Moved new tests/integration test/web-app/src/groovy files to there new locations after merges
  • Still had to work on pull request periodically
  • Two versions on Angular, which was later reduced to one
  • Got pulled back to work on the previous version of the app is several cases
  • About 60+ security issues(XSS, SQL injection, CSRF) which took over the team for quite a while
  • After which we stopped merging, between branches and had to cherry-pick between the three branches were are maintaining(two Grails 2, and the new Grails 3)
  • Was left without QA for over a month.

More resources:

This wasn't my first Grails 2 to 3 upgrade, I did another one that wasn't anywhere near as complicated, but the codebase was under 10,000 line of Groovy code. I'll publish another article for my Grails 4 postmortem, which is much shorter.

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Charlie Schaubmair

Because you wrote:
Was left without QA for over a month
Does it mean that the upgrade "just" took 5 weeks for one developer?

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Tucker Pelletier

No it's just one of the things that slowed things down, because it took longer to find where things broke. Because of the way the app was being developed the upgrade was dragging over months, instead of doing a cut over, focusing on making it work, and doing a smaller release, which would've been faster.

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Cristian Morales Alvarez

Very useful, thanks!