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Join Virtual Coffee in the Preptember 2023 Monthly Challenge!

Welcome to Preptember 2023, a month dedicated to preparing for the exciting Hacktoberfest season. Whether you're a project maintainer or a new contributor, Virtual Coffee is here to support your Open Source journey.

What is Preptember?

Preptember is the month leading up to Hacktoberfest, an annual event celebrating open-source contributions. It's a time to prepare, plan, and set the stage for a successful Hacktoberfest experience. Whether you're a maintainer or a contributor, Preptember is the month to prepare for contributions during to Hacktoberfest.

Why is Preptember Important?

Preptember is an important preparation time for maintainers and contributors. For maintainers, it's a time to clean up repositories, improve documentation, and set clear guidelines. For contributors, it's an opportunity to explore projects, understand their dynamics, and learn how to make meaningful contributions.


Become a Repeat Contributor

Preptember isn't just about a one-time contribution; it's about building lasting relationships with projects and their maintainers. By investing time in understanding a project before making contributions during Hacktoberfest, you set the stage for continued involvement, making you a valuable community member beyond just Hacktoberfest.

Prepare Yourself for a Fruitful Hacktoberfest Experience

Resources For Maintainers

Resources For Contributors

Quality Over Quantity: Make Your Contributions Count

Here's how to make meaningful contributions:

  • Understand the Project: Take time to understand the project's goals and roadmap.
  • Solve Real Problems: Focus on issues that add value to the project.
  • Quality: Adhere to the project's contributing guidelines, coding standards, and communication guidelines.

How to Participate in Preptember with Virtual Coffee

Ready to jump in? Here's how:

  • Maintainers: Use our Repository Checklist to get your project ready. If your project checks all the boxes, drop it in the comments below!

  • Contributors: Check out our Contributor Guide to learn more about how to navigate open source projects. And if you evaluate a project that meets our guidelines, share them in the chat.

If you have a repository you'd like us to review, drop it below!

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Chris Jarvis

The checklist was great help last year. it got my repo ready,