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How to send Bulk SMS using Magento 2 SMS Extension

Birendra Kumar
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Purpletree Magento 2 SMS extension allows admin to get an SMS on various actions by customer or admin regarding order or customer. This extension allows admin to simply set API for SMS on setting page and admin has then nothing to worry about how to send SMS to the customer regarding anything. There are few options that are given to admin to be setup from the admin panel for SMS. The Text in a message can easily be setup.

Setting up SMS API URL

First of all, the admin must have some API for SMS which will be sending SMS. Purpletree only provides the platform to send SMS to the customer. The API is to be provided by the website store admin. Purchase any SMS API from a third-party
source and get the API URL from them which we need in our settings.

· Enable the Module from Admin > Stores > Settings > Configuration.
· Enter Valid License Key which you have obtained from Purpletree Software LLP. Please contact support if you have not received the Valid License key for your extension. This is required to activate the extension.
· Now Enter SMS API URL which you have obtained from any third party SMS provider.
· Now your extension is ready to use. Just setup the setting when you want to send SMS to customers.

Selecting Customers

By using this admin would be able to send SMS to bulk customers from the admin panel. If it is enabled from admin settings. Then admin just needs to go to Customers > All Customers and on the listing page, select the checkbox on left, for which admin wants to send SMS and then click on Actions Dropdown above and Select SMS to Customers.

Sending SMS

On the next page, after Selecting Send to SMS, Admin would be redirected to Send SMS Form page, from there admin can enter any message they want to send it to Selected customers.

In the Message, part admin can write any text. Along with that, there is two variable, one is NAME for Customer name and URL for the Website Store Url.
For example, if you want to send SMS to Customers as "Dear John"(Customer Name), Then you can write "Dear _NAME". By doing this you don't have to worry about writing Name for each customer in the message. In the same way, there is a Store Url variable which is _URL
. Just write this variable in SMS if you want the customer to send the website link to check.

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