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Admin Permissions for Seller in Magento 2 Multivendor Marketplace

Admin Permissions for Seller in Magento 2 Multivendor Marketplace

Birendra Kumar
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Purpletree Magento multi-vendor extension allows sellers to sign up on the website and start selling their products immediately without the need to worry about Creating websites and purchasing Domain or Hosting for that, Seller doesn't need to have any technical knowledge of Coding and all, they just need a Laptop with working Internet Connection.
After Seller Sign up they need to enter the Store information regarding their business details with address and all, if admin approval is required as set the website administrator, then admin will check the Seller information and will approve them to sell their stuff on website, if admin thinks that seller is not genuine and may be fraud and want to use the website for fraud, then admin could revoke the access of any seller at any time, so that customer which comes to website won't be the victim of any scam by any seller. Purpletree Magento multi vendor makes it sure that the admin can grant permission to the genuine seller only.
There is a lot of permission which could be set by the admin from the global configuration for all Sellers as defined below from Admin > Marketplace > Configuration
Allow Seller to Manage Orders - If this permission is set to YES, the seller can manage the orders placed by any customer for that particular seller only, Seller would be able t o change Seller order Status, Generate Seller Invoice for Order and View Invoice of the Seller order. If Set to NO then the seller can only see the Seller Order and would not be able to take any action on order.
Seller Approval Required - IF this is set to Yes, then Magento 2 multi vendor marketplace extension allows admin to Approve the seller if admin thinks the Seller is real and genuine after Signing up, if set to NO, any Seller can sign up anytime and can start selling their stuff immediately without even any approval by admin of the website. However, the admin can disable any seller at any time.
Product Approval Required - As the case of Seller Approval, Magento 2 multivendor also gives the option for Product approval, if this is set to YES, then Seller can Create or Edit their products which they want to sell, but every time Seller Add or Edit any product, it needs to be approved by Admin to be visible on Website, If set to NO, Then seller can add or edit any of their product at any time without approval of admin, However in here also Admin has full access to product and can edit or Delete product or product information at any time it seems fit.

Seller Reviews Approval from Admin - Purpletree Magento multivendor also gives the option to Review any seller by any customer after the purchase, if this permission is set to Yes, Then Admin needs to Approve each Seller review each time any customer leaves any review to any seller. If Set to No, then Seller review will be published on the website as soon as any customer gives it to the seller.
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