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How to create awesome Github profile

In this blog post I'm gonna show you how to create a amazing github profile. This feature is a secret feature provided by github.

I will show you two methods to create github profile readme

  • By writing markdown self
  • By using profile readme generator

First, create a new repository whose name is same as your username. As you can see in below image.
Create Repo

Make this repository public and click on add and then finally click on create repository.
Create Repo

Method 1

Now, you can see your profile readme is generated.
Click on that highlighted button in image to edit this readme.
Use markdown to edit this.
Edit Repo

Method 2

Visit the link Here.
Enter the information as asked. If you don't have some information like twitter account left it blank.
At bottom click on generate Readme and you get your profile readme. Download it and paste the in the readme you have generated in first method.

In next post I will show you how to write makrdown step by step.
Stay tuned with me. If you have doubt ask me on comment section.

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