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I made an Emoji App with Electron - Geniemoji

Virej Dasani
A 16 year old student and self-taught software developer
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Geniemoji 🧞‍♂️

The Emoji Genie

Download for your OS here

What is Geniemoji?

Geniemoji is an app that makes using emojis on desktop simpler than ever

It works on operating systems including Windows, MacOS, and Linux!

It is an open source, desktop app built using Electron

Its purpose is to serve you with the most relevant emojis based on your command!

How does it work?

  • Geniemoji lives in your Menu Bar once the app is launched
  • The app doesn't show up in the dock or anywhere else
  • You can summon Geniemoji using either the shortcut keys: Control + e or by pressing its icon in the menu bar
  • The shortcut keys are the same across all operating systems

This is Geniemoji 🧞‍♂️

Geniemoji lives in your menu bar 👆

Geniemoji start page 👆

Geniemoji emoji search 👆

Geniemoji emoji search 👆

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bacloud14 profile image
bacloud14 • Edited

I made a function that predicts an emoji from a small English expression in case you need it. But in Java.

relies on Machine learning and heavy deeplearning4j library. This was on Android but you can grab it if you want

inspired from
in Python

virejdasani profile image
Virej Dasani Author

Thanks a lot, I'll check it out!

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Tiago Rangel

I prefer windows "windows logo + point"