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Our World NFTs

Hey guys. I am a developer from the USA who has been looking to change the world his whole life. I have been able to connect my love of NFTs and my passion of changing the world for better with my new NFT Project, Our World NFTs. This is a project where majority of profits will be used in collaboration with our partner organizations to make the world a better place. May that be researching disease, to get people clean water, everyone will benefit with the Our World NFTs Project. Currentally I am in a stage where I need to team to be able to get the project off the ground. If anyone is interested in working with me to change the world, please let me know.

Road Map

  • Phase 1 : Launch the first line of NFTs which will be NFTs of the earth. All of our royalties will go to our partners, who will put our capital towards their projects to make the world a better place.

  • Phase 2 : We will introduce “Evolution”, where people will be able to lock their NFT, which will then earn our token.

  • Phase 3 : Introduce Burning, Upgrades, and our next line of nfts. Our next line of NFTs will include things like Solar Panels, Schools etc. Players can buy these NFTs with the tokens they stake. These NFTs will have different levels. Upgrading 2nd Gen NFTs, will not only allow you to stake more, but it will also allow you to be better at the game. Burning will allow players to get a large amount of tokens, but in exchange lose a certain amount of NFTs forever. There is a limit to how many times someone can burn over a period of time. We will also have upgrading, which will be like breeding, but the 2 original NFTs that were bred will be lost forever. This loss of NFTs with burning and upgrading will lower supply, increasing the Demand to Supply ratio.

  • Phase 4 : Game drop. Our game will be a place where people will have different planets, each represented by the different Gen 1 NFTs (The Phase 1 NFTs of the earth). Players can then upgrade their world's overall “Standard”, by using second generation NFTs like clean power generation, justice system and education systems. These will give them more of our token which they can use to expand their planets and buy new ones. We will have tournaments where players will enter a certain amount of our tokens into a prize pool, and with their current NFTs, try to higher the standard of a planet within a certain amount of time. There will also be an aspect of skill to this, so that it's not always the player with the highest level NFTs that will win, and so there is a fair trade of tokens and NFTs all around.

  • Phase 5 : Introduce a trading system where players can exchange their NFTs. This will cause diversity within the ecosystem

On all transactions, there will be a small royalty fee, which will go to our partners, which allows players to help the world, while also being able to make a large profit if done right. The use of our token to be able to buy and upgrade our NFTs, along with the burning and upgrading process will ensure that we don't fall into the Supply and Demand trap that most projects fall into.

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