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I coded for 100 days and documented it on YouTube...

Last year in December(2023), I decided to create a YouTube channel (well, I already had an account but I never posted any videos) and I wanted to teach web development to beginners.

So in January, I posted my very first video which was just a short overview of my channel, and then I started making basic tutorials in HTML, CSS, and GitHub. I was very proud of my work because I put many hours into it and I consider myself a shy person, so this was a big step for me.

At the same time, I was doing daily coding challenges on iCodeThis to practice my frontend skills and at the end of January, I came up with the idea to do the 100 days of coding challenge and document it on my channel. So I created a playlist called 100 Days Of Code Challenge and every day I picked a challenge from the iCodeThis platform and recorded my screen while coding it.

In the first few weeks, I had a lot of energy but eventually, I started getting tired, and around Day 72 I almost gave up, but I had a lot of supporting people who encouraged me to keep going. So most of my challenges are written in HTML and CSS because it was much easier for me, but a few of them have some JavaScript in it as well (on those days I had more energy).

These challenge videos don't have any commentary, they are fast and have background music as well, but in each video description you can find the source code for the challenges, or you can just check the whole repository out on my GitHub.

So by doing these challenges every day, my coding got faster, I don't know how else I can express this, but basically, my thinking or problem-solving skills became more efficient and I also learned quite a few new things about HTML, and CSS.

I see many people doing the 100 Days of Code challenge, but not many document it on YouTube, so overall I'm proud of myself that I accomplished this and it was a great journey to enhance my skills.

Here is the 100 Days Of Code playlist:

Feel free to leave me some good/bad feedback on my videos so I can learn from them.

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