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What is an entertainment hyper-realism pathology?


What are the consequences (the particular ones) that the career of being a developer may cause to your health, yeah, your mental health?

A pathology a merely know it to exists, but, yet I do, because I suffer a bit from it, here is what it is, ... it is that when you take digital information, for something so clearly 100% real, in any ways, that when you're just watching a movie, you can't fix your mindset to remember you're looking at actor inside a computer or TV screen, but rather you feel like if there would be real people surrounding your comfortable interactions zone sometimes leaving it to something less pleasant like when you see a psychopath in a movie and yet you slightly begin to show hate upon this character even more amazingly, you start fighting it (but for sure, nobody's fighting anything real through the screen) yet you become tempted to get in a kind of friction with the temperament of various actors role.

And this mess just got way further sometimes, I bet it is because when you're a video game player, you have to react to anything even once seen, being digital and with it, the up-coming increasingly overwhelming social interactions (that said, constantly increasing over the day, in average over the week...) It can even become worse!

Do you suffer from hyper-realism of digital entities?

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