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Pixel art "laboratory" in reactJS (Completed)

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Check it out now!

  • Low-Level-JavaScript just like asm.js or SIMD.js for blazing efficient color operation
  • Multi-threading (Web Worker)
  • GPU's optimisation (CSS3 Transform+will-change)
  • Fast compression (LZP3 with low-level-javascript over 2/3 weight-loose compression very fast)
  • Serialization using CBOR for efficient savings of typed array pixel matrix
  • Offline Cache & Auto Save (PouchDB)
  • AI Processing (, !remote!)
  • 4 algorithm up-Scaling artwork up to 4-8x as painting (xBRZ, Omniscale, hqNx, EPX)*
  • Vectorized (output an infinitely high definition SVG file) (ImageTracerJS)
  • Color Quantization (RGBQuant + Custom)
  • Always encode well Portable Network Graphics in type of palette (we save 70% of size) (PNGQuant, + OXIPNG)
  • Chunk ("norris") webpack system for dropping script evaluation cost within CPU
  • WASM Hashing function for detecting change in history of editing (XXHash)

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