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Create value before generating any revenue, it will save your life

First of all what is the status of man? Do we live in a highly organized and potentially hierarchical power force? Do money is our the pyramid of god, or god is the things money can't buy. Love life, live in harmony, yet to be free, "it" told me... Huh, I told myself after and while reading great posts.

“Man’s status in the natural world is determined, therefore, by the quality of his thinking.”
– Manly P. Hall

The nature does not wonder, when nature thinks, it has already survived to this state, but the quality of the artificial world is determined by value, and value is not only money, way before saying that, it is about psychology :

"Every physical art or science is a body of knowledge which exists only because it is ensouled by invisible powers and processes.“
– Manly P. Hall

Value is a body of knowledge in both the artificial and natural world, value is the only natural order that has ever existed, maybe way before creation, in the wombs of chaos, in the chaotic salt water of Tiamat for example, value was the destiny and intelligence that created life on earth, love is valuable, and life magick way is.

If we would be able to, trough thinking, incrementing the value of something estimated in some amount of money, making it shiner as it moves forwards, what would it be? Life force, or at least magick if I can remember not inflation, but that's another story for another day.

One day I realized that the things people having notably being threaten have forgotten is that money can't buy life, whatever you do, value, if we consider it to be the natural order, is fundamentally a way to live a way far more superior life.

Non-natural order

Consider selling a pyrite, it has no value, yet, if someone is there because karma only manifest when someone is able to think, and act, and be, karma will pursue those who have provoked the natural order, artificially or not... Consider now educating yourself with this pyrite instead of selling it to the first unknown idiot passing by... It will, trough a body of knowledge produced by your thoughts processes, create value for yourself, enabling you to manage something greater, fear not my friend, karma is highly deterministic, you can't suck the system like a vampire and keep all that blood in your body so easily as it is not yours, reclaim your right my brother and system, we the people have the power, the power to make this life a wonderful adventure, to make this life free and beautiful, so let's fight for the new world. Agios o chaos, let's rewrite the power that be with me, fairly with new value.

From this order we created with this article, we slightly changed the perception around some body of knowledge, making actions in the abstract mind, and thus, changing the psychic and psychology into accepting that trough the way philosophy is the science of estimating values, we can also seduce the idea that technology (a form of value) is the value of estimating science, circulus perfectus. Because when we will realize that:

"The great materialistic progress which we have venerated for so long is on the verge of bankruptcy."
– Manly P. Hall

The only value that does not die after death certainly is memory, memory, ensouled by invisible powers and processes, that makes a body of knowledge certify a science and/or a fact. Man made consensus is imperfect, machine made consensus is imperfect, meanwhile, nothing is beautiful except mankind, but the most beautiful thing of all is woman. It was meant to say that as long as man doesn't reclaim it's right to technology, knowledge, and abundance, nothing will change, but nothing stay forever, prepare for the madness...

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