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Discussion on: A first look at Qwik - the HTML first framework

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Viorel Mocanu

Svelte (with Elder.js) or Astro (both using pure statically generated files + "islands of content" that only load the JS you need for that specific area) solve that issue in a similar fashion, don't they?

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Ryan Carniato • Edited on

Sort of. There it is all about identifying the entry points. The components you want to render and they act as islands. Whereas Qwik simply breaks apart all components and then only ships the ones that you interact with on demand.

This lets you write your whole app like a single continuous app. You aren't thinking islands and it just happens that the code loads as needed. Like in the Todo MVC example. Realistically something like Astro or Elder would ship a Todo widget component. The state is all linked. If someone tried to remove a row you would need the parent to be present. With Qwik you could pull them in separately as needed.

So in practice it probably won't be that big of a difference between the two in what gets shipped and when for low interactivity pages. Unlike libraries that seek to make Islands and manually breaking things up like Elder or Astro, Qwik is more like Marko where the creation of these Islands are basically automated. You get to write your app as if it were a typical full page framework and leave the rest up to machination.