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It will be nice to have a Readme with all the steps explained. Especially for reverse SSH tunnel and any special notes.



Readme added, enjoy.
Not sure whether you need reverse ssh tunnels here, service is pretty simple, I this setup on 4 of my cameras, was able to catch many things and notify the violators. Production ready!

I have Microsoft O365 Home subscription which comes with 1TB of OneDrive space, enough to save the 3 months of footage from all cams.


Now it is clear, thanks for the quick response 😁🐵

  1. Sure reverse SSH is not needed here, but since I might need it on another project, could you describe the process and code?

  2. How about going from pics to videos with time limits?

Let's describe the project in a different topic. This is off-topic here.

Going from pics to video may require a bit more effort. Since videos are pretty large files, you may want to consider streaming options and processing the stream at the cloud. Depending on your connection limitations you may also want to have the quality adjusted (read, reduced) which is a clear disadvantage compared to the crispy pics. I would not consider steaming as a feasible option for the raspberry pi at this time.


Thanks for sharing of your project, Vitaly! Looks really interesting.

I could see in comments people are requesting features such as video processing:

Recently had an experience with frame capturing and mounting videos from collection of images using a tool called FFMPEG => ffmpeg.org/

Hope it will be useful

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