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Discussion on: I'm planning to ditch my MacBook and move away from laptop computing

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vinney cavallo

I have a VPS that I ssh into to do 99% of my work - that includes coding, note-taking, running development sites, timecard-keeping, personal wiki, you name it - through the magical trinity of ssh + tmux + vim. Since I can access this machine from literally any device that can run chrome (via an ssh extension), my whole mindset around physical hardware has changed considerably.

In its most extreme and reductionist form, my concerns can be boiled down to:

  • keyboard feel and quality (this is solved with a small collection of mechanical keyboards)
  • screen resolution
  • internet connection + ability to run a browser

This 100% cloud-based setup allows me to start work from my macbook pro, throw it in a bathtub mid-unit test, pick up exactly where I left off (thanks, tmux) in the car on a $99 linux netbook, run that over on the highway and finish the workday on a windows desktop gaming PC. It's incredibly liberating.

Bonus points: your dev environment is identical to your production environment.