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Compiling data, web or e-mail scrapping?

viniciusquare profile image Vinícius Quadrado ・1 min read

I'm little new on this dev, "solution creator" line of thought... I also a little self impostor, always feel like it's a dumb question, anyway, I need some help with this scenario:
At my work, we receive some requests through our client's interaction to a bot on ours website. Each comes on a e-mail with the submitted info, also available at the bot's control panel. I need to compile the data into a sheet and update by given schedule.
I'm currently at Javascript, thinking about try Puppeteer to web scraping the data then export JSON for some fancy view or CSV to format on Excel later...

Is it easier to do through the panel (complex analysis for simple update, I think) or through the e-mails?

Can someone help start to think about a solution? I would appreciate


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