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Building a restful API using Deno (Intro)

Vinicius Cerqueira Bonifácio
Self-taught MERN stack developer, technology passionate, Ruby on Rails admirer, Ubuntu evangelist, ex mountain guide, active football player, inactive surfer, professional backpacker and hitchhiker.
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Hi, dear devs!

In my last post Deno is not here to replace Node I talked a little bit about Deno and I also promised to create an application together with you guys.

The project will be divided basically like this so I doesn't become overwhelming:

Part 1
  • Installation
  • Create the config file
  • Create the app file
  • Create the server file
Part 2
  • Create the routes
  • Create the controllers
  • Fetch data from a local Javascript file.
  • Making HTTP requests using a VSCode extension
Part 3 ?
  • If at the end of our app you desire to create the front end it will be made.

Advantages To Follow This Tutorial

You maybe are thinking: "Ok, one more tutorial out there so why should I stick with him?".

If you read my first published post you probably noticed that I wrote something like "... we can walk this road together and learn from each others..." and really meant it.

I'll be accepting pull requests from you, refactoring the code based in your hints and opinions, improving the application, expanding your networking, improving our git skills, testing etc.

In short, exactly as it is made in real life projects but by OUR own pace.

On next weekend I will start publishing the first of this series.

For now, I already have the project's scratch on my Github repository so feel free forking, cloning it or even starting with the first pull request ever. :)

Thanks and please let me know if you will join this journey.

NB: Part 2: Building a restful API using Deno (Part2)

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