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Game developers... tell me about you!

Vini Brasil
I am a software engineer working with Elixir, theology student, and musician based in beautiful Curitiba.
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As a web developer, I get really impressed with game development. Keeping the client side "independent", but always synced with the server side. Keeping slow response times. Handling packets. Graphics. Talking to the GPU. I like to read Riot Games (best known for League of Legends) engineering blog. They always post something about the challenges of this side of software engineering.

If you're a game developer, or enthusiast, please, tell me about you! What have you built, the tools (programming languages and stuff) that you use in your day-to-day, how have you ended up in game development, how hard do you think it is, and maybe some tips for anyone looking to change the industry they're currently working. =)

(ask them anything)

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Lorenzo (Mec-iS)

Game developers/designers are like alchemists, they like to keep their craft's secrets :D

I may be interested in collaborating as software engineer with Game designers/developers/artists to leverage new techs like Rust gaming engines (Amethyst or Piston), but it is really difficult to receive feedback from the game developing world as far as I tried (: