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Ways to get knowledge

Get knowledge is something that everyone desires, searching by a magical formula to increase and expand the intelligence. I've already posted an article about learning by videos or classes in which I expressed my dissatisfaction with this method, read in You shouldn't need to watch videos or lessons to learn something.

So this article will cover my favorite knowledge methods and the ones I feel that are more successful

Asking in the community

For sure, my favorite method is asking in community and interact with the people, listen to different opinions and points of view is nice, you'll be able to discuss. Don't be afraid to ask, people are more receptive than you think, every question is valid, everyone already started somewhere. But don't fall into your comfort zone and appeal to community always, just use to debate and understand other thoughts.

Learning articles or docs

Documents and articles are the best methods to learn quickly, you can apply some reading methods like skimming and scanning saving a lot of time.

Searching a similar solution

Probably, what you want to do after learning already exists or has something similar, so look for it and see how it was done. You will automatically be learning and studying.


Accept the challenge of writing about something, on the way you will need to understand how things really work, greatly increasing your tree of knowledge. You can write about anything, choose a topic and start writing and learn along the way. Write to learn, don't learn to write.


Videos should also be considered ways to learn, even though they are massive and time consuming. I particularly like to watch videos to learn when I'm tired, they are easy to understand but lack in terms of productivity

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