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Discussion on: Becoming A Developer: Did You Make It? Will I Make It?

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Well you will definitely make it as long as you are consistent. I do understand the busy schedule. What I do is, however busy I am, I try my best to learn/do at-least 1 new coding exercise a day. Does not matter however small it is, even if is to "reverse a string". As long as it's a new problem for me and I am getting to learn something new, it's good enough. Do not make coding a stressful activity. It should be something which you should be able to enjoy.

I would also encourage you to read before going to bed. Reading for atleast 20- 30 minutes can create wonders. Please use a book and not your phone or computer. Reading is exercise for the mind. You need not have to read technical books. It could be Harry Potter, Agatha Christie, Charlotte’s Web... anything, just read anything you can get your hands on.

As for the question of did I make it. The more I started to learn, the more I understood how little I know. So I would say it's a journey of self improvement.

Hope this helps...

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Santiago Arellano Author

Awesome advice man, I really appreciate you taking the time to write all this, I will try to starting putting these things in practice. Totally agree on the never ending path of self improvement. Be well!