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Deploy websites via git without conflicting with ftp. how to do?

Vincenzo Di Vico
I'm a web developer based in Italy. I use Laravel, PHP and Javascript. My favourite editor is VSCode. Beside programming i like gym, books, star wars and football
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Hello there!
premise, I develop sites with the Kohana php framework (it was used before my hiring in the company, I hate it!) and from the next I will start using Laravel. And I would like to use git and delete filezilla from my workflow.

I finally managed to get the choice on the framework to use, and I was given the freedom to use other technologies, as long as they don't alter too much the usual workflow we have had up to now.

So we would have this situation (i tried to show it in the cover image)

  • I work in the office with a macbook, at home with a desktop with windows 10.
  • My boss is not a developer, but he is the html and css designer. he needs to keep uploading and downloading individual site files via ftp with filezilla.
  • We have our own server running with ubuntu

I would like to use git for the deployment, but need it not to conflict with my boss's filezilla uploads.
is it possible to do this with git? could there be conflicts? do you have alternative solutions to recommend? or advice on how to set up git for my needs? I took a first look at git-ftp, can it be a viable solution for me?
thank you all for your attention :)

PS: sorry if my english is not perfect. I'm italian and english is not my native language

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Erick Ruiz de Chavez

I would strongly encourage your boss to start using git. Since he is working with text files this should no be a problem. You both could use a GUI client so you can assist him in the beginning. SourceTree is a very good free, cross-platform option.

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Devin Gray

The way this seems set up is a very difficult approach to web development. The tools such as git were designed to curb this.

Unfortunately there is no way that your boss and you will be able to work on the same files effectively without some form of version control.

In your cover image, the laptop on the far right should move to the far left and sync with git too.

This way you are always sure what is on the server