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What is The Best VPN for Streaming?

Streaming is one of the most popular activities nowadays. All movies, tv shows, videos, music, podcasts are available with a few clicks on our devices. Streaming platforms such as Netflix are booming and growing their user base every day and such music streaming platforms as Spotify made all music and podcasts available for us from anywhere.

Sounds like a perfect world to live in. We can enjoy everything, learn new things, or just dance to new hits from our beds or any other location.But what if I told you it can even get better?

VPNs have become a very popular way to reach even more content online, to unblock more movies on Netflix or enjoy streaming platforms that are not available in our region. And VPN is not just only good for streaming on such platforms, it helps us to unblock Youtube, unblock any information online that we want to access but for many reasons it is not available for us.

Do you need VPN for streaming?

VPN is the easiest way to bypass geographical restrictions online and access much more content. VPN is an easy to use software that you can use to access more movies, tv shows and any entertainment content you might need, it is easy to set up on any device, on smart TVs, even on game consoles.

So to figure out if you need VPN for streaming here are some things VPN might help you with:

Unblock Netflix libraries. Netflix has different libraries around the globe, content that is available somewhere in Europe will be different from content that is available in the United States. This is because Netflix holds different copyrights in different countries. VPN can help you to access more content by simply connecting to different servers.

Unblock streaming platforms. You might already know that some streaming platforms are only available in specific regions, for example Youtube TV is only available in the US and BBC iPlayer is only available in the UK. VPN can help you to access these streaming platforms from anywhere.

Unblocks Youtube and other videos. Some videos on Youtube or any other video sharing platform might not be available in your country due to different reasons. VPN can easily bypass such streaming blocks and let you enjoy streaming videos with no worries.

Streaming movies with Torrents. No surprise here that you can get movies, tv shows and everything you might want to watch with Torrents. Well the only problem is that Torrents are illegal in many countries and you can receive huge fines for getting involved in such activities. VPN masks your activities online and helps you to be anonymous and in this case hide that you are using torrents from your ISP.

Streaming with VPN will help you to bypass ISP throttling. Such bandwidth heavy platforms as Netflix, Youtube, Spotify are often throttled by your ISP, throttling appears when your ISP on purpose limits your internet speed. This is especially seen when you are streaming, downloading something, using Torrents. VPN hides your activity online and stops ISPs from throttling you.

Streaming in secret. Maybe you do not want the world, your ISP or Google to known what you are streaming online and want to keep it only for yourself, VPN ensures security and anonymity and won’t tell anyone what you are up to online since a good VPN for streaming won’t known themselves what you are doing on the internet.

Best VPN for Streaming


Surfshark is a great VPN for streaming for few reasons: it supports an unlimited number of devices (actually it is the only VPN who does this) and this means you will be able to set up this VPN on as many devices as you need and even share the account with your family or a small group of friends. Also Surfshark has fast servers which will let you enjoy streaming in HD and with no worries, they have a built-in ad-blocker and work with major streaming platforms such as Netflix.

Surfshark is not just a good VPN for streaming but also for security online, they have strict no logs policy, use the strongest encryptions, offer built-in kill-switch and are based in a privacy friendly location. In addition they support torrenting, they are really easy to use and set up, offer 24/7 customer support and 30-day money back guarantee.

And the best news is that you can buy them now with an 83% discount.


NordVPN is another great option for streaming VPN, it works with major streaming platforms, knows how to bypass any restriction online and does this with class — they have fast servers, they are easy to use, they are secure. NordVPN doesn’t collect users’ logs, it uses industry leading encryption and offers built-in kill-switch and ad-blocker. In addition NordVPN supports torrents, supports 6 simultaneous devices, offers 24/7 customer support and 30-day money back guarantee.

If you liked this bad boy get it straight away here with a discount.


CyberGhost is the third option for streaming that will sure make you happy. They are super easy to use and set up on any device, they do not collect logs and they will unblock Netflix for you (and many other streaming platforms).

CyberGhost supports 5 simultaneous devices with one account, they have a built-in kill-switch, use the strongest encryption there is and have fast servers worldwide. CyberGhost also offers 24/7 customer support and 45-day money back guarantee.

Get Cyberghost here


And the last (but not least) option from me — PrivateVPN. This VPN will provide fast connections to the internet and you will be able to enjoy streaming in HD. Their servers are not just fast but they are really secure, they do not collect users logs and use strong encryption. Most importantly PrivateVPN unblocks major streaming platforms and will let you enjoy tons of content online. PrivateVPN supports 6- simultaneous devices, offers a 30-day money back guarantee and 24/7 customer support.

Get PrivateVPN now

With these VPN you will be able to enjoy streaming online, access more content and bypass any other geographical restrictions. Also these VPNs are really easy to set up on any device and the thing I like the most — it is really easy to set them up on your Smart TVs and game consoles.

How to use VPN for Streaming

If you are streaming on your mobile device, tablet or computer it is really simple to use the VPN with streaming:

  • Subscribe to VPN you like the most;
  • Download their app or browser extension on your device;
  • Connect to chosen server;
  • Clean all of your cookies and captchas;
  • Go to streaming platforms, Youtube or wherever you want and enjoy it with no restrictions.

If you want to connect VPN to your Smart TV or any other streaming box or maybe gaming console you will need to follow guides that you will find on your VPN website. It is different for every VPN so I cannot provide you with a one specific guide for streaming with VPN on your TV.

Just some last words from me — I hope you found the best streaming VPN for you and you are enjoying the unlimited world of streaming. Good luck!


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