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Discussion on: Why we opted for React Native over Flutter

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Vince Ramces Oliveros

Pick your poison.

Large community based on quantity

This affects the amount of packages that are both well maintained and discontinued. I seriously don't like the vast amount of packages that are unmaintained, in an example of getting the best router package for this year, then the next release of a framework your package is now incompatible with the framework and you have to find a replacement that may or may not be compatible with your project.

Code push

Your usecase was to use a code push, which flutter can do but would defeat the purpose of AOT compilation (there's Hydro SDK which supports code push in dart).


If the project of yours speak for a short term project, you don't have to worry about complexity. But if you want to scale your project, I'd suggest you'd go for native. Flutter seems to do the job but I'd rather lessen the package that involves native platform. I don't know about react native but I really don't like dynamically typed language on a team who just magically made a hack solution. I'd rather have a language that gives confidence and type safety(typescript isn't type safe after transpilation).