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Discussion on: Is Django a Full Stack Framework?

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Vince Ramces Oliveros

Because Functionality > Design. Full-stack developer is just a myth.

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Michiel Hendriks

Full-stack developer is not a myth. It is a term you can use as an excuse not to invest in your development team. I think it's mostly a stupid term which for some people want to seek out.
I can do pretty much everything associated with software development. Including test automation, ops, requirement engineering, sales, etc. But it is the server side code where I truly shine. I'm not exactly "T-shaped" either, it's more like a bell curve. A long time ago most developers were what you'd call "full stack" these days. We were developers with more experience and desires in certain parts of the whole stack. But now we're chasing unicorn titles like "full-stack". It's just nonsense.