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38 Websites you can use for cool backgrounds

Hey everyone, I'm collecting resources over at WebDev Town. Here is a summary of all the websites I've found that you can use to get creative backgrounds for your website.

Let me know if you know a website I've missed :)

Ambient Canvas Backgrounds
A set of animated ambient canvas backgrounds with different effects.

Animated Background Headers
Creative website header animations using Canvas and JavaScript.

Animated Backgrounds
A collection of 30+ animated backgrounds for websites and blogs.

Animated CSS Background Generator
A collection of pure CSS animated backgrounds with the possibility to customize.

Cool Backgrounds
A beautifully curated selection of cool, customizable backgrounds.

CSS Background Patterns
A bunch of cool pure CSS background patterns.

CSS backgrounds
A nice collection of 100+ free CSS patterns.

CSS Gradient Animator
A website to generate an animated gradient background.

CSS Gradient Editor
A tool for creating colorful CSS gradient backgrounds and patterns.

CSS Pattern
A nice collection of background patterns made with CSS gradients.

CSS Plasma Background Generator
A simple tool written in vanilla JavaScript to generate a plasma background for your website.

CSS3 Patterns Gallery
A gallery of CSS patterns, which are also editable right in the browser.

Decorative WebGL Backgrounds
A collection of decorative animated background shapes powered by WebGL and TweenMax.

Flat Surface Shader
A simple, lightweight Flat Surface Shader for rendering lit triangles.

A generator for beautiful SVG patterns.

Gradient Backgrounds
A website, which combines the most popular gradient collections.

Gradient Magic
A huge collection of beautiful CSS gradients.

A tool to generate tailwind gradients for your backgrounds, texts & shadows.

Hero Patterns
A cool collection of repeatable SVG pattern backgrounds by Steve Schoger.

A cool library for animated image backgrounds.

Naker Back
A website to create cool interactive backgrounds.

A lightweight JavaScript library for creating particles.

Pattern Generator
A generator for seamless, unique, royalty-free patterns, which are exportable as SVG, JPEG, or PNG.

Pattern Library
A compiled list of beautiful patterns by different designers.

Pattern Monster
An online pattern generator to create repeatable SVG patterns.

A CSS only library to fill your empty background with beautiful patterns.

A generator for different dynamic backgrounds.

Subtle Patterns
A huge list of more than 500 subtle background patterns and textures.

SVG Backgrounds
A collection of customizable SVG-based repeating patterns and backgrounds.

SVG Gradient Wave Generator
Generate SVG waves using gradients, randomness, and other parameters.

A pretty space animation out of triangles using canvas.

Transparent Textures
A large collection of CSS patterns, which can be filtered and colorized.

Triangle Pattern Maker
A cool generator for triangle patterns with light effects.
Create colorful low poly triangle patterns that can be used as wallpapers and website assets.

A gallery of customizable animated 3D & WebGL backgrounds using three.js.

A generator for smooth gradient waves in multiple layers, that flowing slowly.

Wicked Backgrounds
A generator to create beautiful SVG backgrounds for your UI designs.

Your Lucky CSS Pattern
Get a nice random background from a collection of more than 100 CSS patterns.

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