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Clone record with overrides

The clone_with_overrides function duplicates the original record using the dup method, assigns the overridden fields from the overrides hash, saves the new record, and returns it.

class Person < ApplicationRecord
  def clone_with_overrides(overrides = {})
    # Create a new instance of the model
    new_record = self.dup

    # Assign the overridden fields to the new instance
    overrides.each do |field, value|
      new_record[field] = value

    # Save the new record

    # Return the cloned record with overrides
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To use this function, you can call it on an instance of the model and pass a hash of field-value pairs to override. Here's an example usage:

# Assuming you have an existing record with ID 1
original_record = Person.find(1)

# Clone the record and override some fields
cloned_record = original_record.clone_with_overrides(
  name: 'John',
  age: 42

# The cloned record is saved and ready to use
puts cloned_record.inspect

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Make sure to adjust the field names and their types according to your model's attributes.

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