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Tech Lessons from Your City?

vinayhegde1990 profile image Vinay Hegde ・1 min read

I recently came across an amazing post that portrayed where all of us here at Dev.to work from while building, fixing and/or contributing to the software industry. Some of these diverse cities across the world were familiar, some never before heard of and few are simply dream destinations to just be.

Here is it below for those who missed:

This led me to spawn off a post that I've been contemplating on since a long time. How the places we inhabit have influenced us in our thoughts, working style and evolution.

For e.g: I'm based out of Mumbai and I work there as well. Here's what it has taught me that I can apply directly / indirectly to tech.

  • Setbacks / failures will happen, it's how you deal with them counts.
  • Be kind to everyone irrespective of their social strata. You might not realize it but someone will fight their struggles with renewed vigor for one more day just because of you.
  • Hold onto your beliefs, for a miracle is always around the corner.

What are the tech lessons you've learned from your city?


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