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Discussion on: How do you manage deployment configs? (Especially large scale cloud agnostic ones)

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Vinay Hegde

This is something I found very useful to begin with on Ansible

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Eugene Cheah Author • Edited on

Thanks for the info. A few of the infrastructure folks I spoke to personally seems to echo similar experiences. Of trying various different tools like terraform - and going back to Ansible.

Sure initial setup is much more work, but it works and scale well, and it doesn't feel like your fighting the tool.

Personally never dived too deeply into it, and will look into it more.

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Vinay Hegde • Edited on

While I've not tried Terraform yet, Ansible is something I setup recently.

I agree there's initial hiccups but once wrapped up, these are few benefits:

  • You can adhere to Infrastructure-as-Code
  • because it needs a control machine relying solely on SSH, it can be configured on virtually any OS
  • It also eliminates installing / upgrading / maintaining any agent services that can become a point of failure
  • YAML's make it easy for everyone to understand

Once you're done with it, you can also look to integrate it with Rundeck for more visibility via UI & more fine grained controls