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Discussion on: What’s an unpopular software opinion you have?

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Vinay Hegde • Edited on

Adding to the multiple Gems (non Ruby ones, of course 😛) that I discovered in the comments here,

  1. Atleast In India, recruiters should stop blindly copying from terminologies such as Site Reliability Engineers in Google (SREs) or DevOps unless their companies are of that scale or if they're aiming to reach there. Pedantically, it's more of a mindset to solve problems than just a plaintext job description.

  2. While I agree there's no substitute for work experience but no one should mistake more years or exposure to multiple tools as a great employee. Sometimes determined people with a little less of both can be better if you give them a chance.

  3. Containers, orchestration & cloud computing are great but they're not a silver bullet to solve all problems magically, given the level of effort & complexity going behind it when used on a large scale. Apps work perfectly fine even when setup & served in the standard way. Speaking of which, don't fall into the trap of implementing it (or any other tech) just because everyone else is.