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Discussion on: Are coding challenges and/or white-boarding in an engineering interview really needed?

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Vinay Hegde Author • Edited on

From my limited know-how, I'd ideally ensure the candidate undergoes 2 or 3 rounds of interviews with people of the designated team and if they clear it, a panel round with all of them so that it's easy to get a fair overview of the candidate while eliminating individual bias.

The idea here would be to ask (technical concepts - general and particularly role based along with behavioral) questions.

Yes, shortage of time is a major constraint here and so is proper execution of this but even if done with 70% efficacy, I believe the new hires will be of much better quality.

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Blaine Osepchuk

Thanks for sharing this, Vinay. I think the devil is in the details here. Executed well, this would probably work. Executed poorly, and it could be a time waster.

I definitely agree with the team being involved in the interview (and perhaps even giving each member a veto).

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Vinay Hegde Author

Glad to help Blaine! Do share your experiences if ever you put it into practice or even add something more so that the rest of us will find it useful too.